Coventry Cultural Challenge: Spaams

Increasing Participation in Coventry Cultural Events/Activities

The Coventry Cultural Challenge was a two-day event where teams were given access to the latest Coventry cultural data and asked to develop an idea/proposal that had the potential to ‘make life better in Coventry’. At the end of the weekend, each team presented their ideas to a jury of experts.

Presentation by Team Spaams (Recorded by: Maria Polodeanu, Reel Master Production)


Team Spaams examined 2018−2022 data relating to people in Coventry attending cultural events and identified five categories that provide a better understanding of trends. These were:

  • type of event
  • time of year of the event
  • type of people attending
  • location of event
  • age of participants.

They suggested that changes to the profile and timing of events, as well as holding them in specific community areas, could be used to increase involvement of those people who do not currently participate.

Their recommendation was to use community centres as a place to train people and build up local community skillsets that would, in turn, enhance community engagement.

Team Members

A group of people participating in the Coventry Cultural Challenge

Team Spaams and their data analysis (Photograph: Prajwal Prasad)

The Coventry Cultural Challenge was part of the AHRC funded Place-Based Knowledge Exchange project; organised by members of the UK City of Culture 2021 monitoring and evaluation team.


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