Focus Study: Integrating the Environment Videos


The Integrating the Environment (into UK City of Culture 2021) report was released in February 2023. It is one of a series of focus study reports.

A summary of the focus study and its recommendations can be found on the main Integrating the environment page. Here, the research team describes the research undertaken via a series of four videos.

Research Question

How successfully has the environmental theme been integrated into UK City of Culture 2021?


The aim of this focus study was to provide qualitative insights into how the integration of the environment into UK City of Culture 2021 (UK CoC 2021) was experienced by different stakeholders and with what impacts. More specifically, this study explored how:

  • the natural environment became an explicit focus within UK CoC 2021
  • environmental issues were embedded within the overarching planning, governance and organisational delivery of UK CoC 2021
  • people experienced and practised the environment through UK CoC 2021’s activities and events
  • behaviours, of organisations, communities and individuals, were influenced and changed during UK CoC 2021
  • and what factors affected the delivery of the Green Futures programme within UK CoC 2021.



Key Findings



The research teams were based at the Coventry University Centre for Business in Society and Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience research centres. The focus study was led by Professor David Bek; his fellow researchers were Dr Jordon LazellDr Geraldine BrownDr Jennifer Ferreira and Dr Margi Lennartsson-Turner.

The videos were produced by Ben Cook.

This focus study was commissioned by the City of Culture Trust and supported by the monitoring and evaluation team.


A summary of the Integrating the Environment (into UK CoC 2021) focus study and report is also available.

The authors of this focus study report presented their results via a webinar on 8 December 2022.

They also wrote a blog post entitled Using Culture For Creating A Greener Future For Coventry.

The focus study was referenced in the Evaluation of the Green Futures Programme report submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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