Walking Through Coventry Data

Video of the Walking Through Coventry Data digital exhibition (Video: Coventry University)


Coventry data, together with images and videos from Coventry Digital, were displayed on the gallery walls at The Reel Store to both illustrate the types of data available and provide a new way of understanding the city.


Walking Through Coventry Data took place at The Reel Store on Tuesday 13 December 2022.

The event was introduced by Nick Henry, Coventry University, Valerie de Souza, Coventry City Council and Si Chun Lam, West Midlands Combined Authority.

Data and images were immersively displayed on the gallery walls in a loop of approximately nine minutes.


Coventry’s year as the UK City of Culture 2021 (UK CoC 2021) generated an unprecedented amount of data relating to cultural participation, perceptions and engagement. This has made the city a highly rich place for cultural data.

In addition, Coventry has, uniquely amongst local authorities, a Household Survey − conducted every two to three years since 1988 − which asks a representative sample of Coventry residents about their views of their local area, city, behaviour, concerns, and in recent years, their wellbeing.

These data amongst other demographic, housing and environment, economy and prospects, and health and wellbeing data, enables cultural data collected through UK CoC 2021 to be compared and contrasted with other metrics.

Images and Videos

The range of vivid images and videos of Coventry people and places featured within the presentation − which looked to the past, present and future − were provided by the Coventry Digital archive.

Photographs within the archive represent aspects of Coventry through the years. Thematic galleries include pre-war photographs, the construction and opening of the new Cathedral, city buildings and planning, carnivals and images from the Coventry Telegraph, through to more recent contributions that captured UK CoC 2021.

Thanks are due to the right holders of all of the materials used within the presentation, including Culture Coventry, Historic Coventry Trust, the Estate of Richard Sadler, MirrorPix and Historic England.


Although there are a great deal of data available that provide information on trends, activities and areas of Coventry, as well as a collection of images that chronicle its recent history, many people within the city are unaware of this.

Walking Through Coventry Data was an event that celebrated the city and its cultural heritage. It was also designed to highlight the types of data and images available to members of the public and interested city stakeholders.

These data can inform proposals, services and decision making, as well as highlight trends and raise general awareness within the city.

Coventry City Council’s Insight team produces a regular e-bulletin that provides information on a range of city related topics and can be contacted for further information.


Walking Through Coventry Data successfully brought together representatives from the two Coventry universities, Coventry City Council staff and Councillors, leaders of local organisations, creatives, students and interested members of the public.


Photographs taken by Emily Laura Haddon (Coventry University), Si Chun Lam and Tim Hammerton.


This event was organised by Tim Healey and Viviana Sagredo at Coventry City Council’s Insight team and Ben Kyneswood (Coventry Digital), Nick Henry and Tim Hammerton (Centre for Creative Economies) at Coventry University, with support from Mark Scott at Warwick Business School, Si Chun Lam at the West Midlands Combined Authority, Alex Wilcox at The Reel Store. Freelancers, Jon Randle (Mindriot Productions), supported animation and Coventry Poet Laureate, Emilie Lauren Jones, provided the voiceover.

Walking Through Coventry Data was part of the AHRC funded Place-Based Knowledge Exchange project, as well as the monitoring and evaluation team‘s programme of reflective Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 events.


This website reflects a variety of UK CoC 2021 activities, funded by different funding bodies. It has been created as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project City Change Through Culture: Securing the Place Legacy of Coventry City of Culture 2021 (Grant Reference AH/W008769/1).

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