Cultural Data Projects

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Coventry City Council’s Insight team has collected a wide range of Coventry UK City of Culture (UK CoC 2021) related data. Working with Warwick Business School students, several data-related projects have been commissioned and managed by the Council, to analyse Coventry residents’ participation in UK CoC 2021 events.

Results of the data projects were presented via a webinar.

Student Project Topics

ticketing and exit-survey data

Study by Fengyun Tan

The aim was to generate a profile of the residents’ participation in UK CoC 2021 events, reflecting on factors which might influence participation such as levels of deprivation and household income. The project evaluated whether deprived communities had been reached by cultural events.

Sentiment Surveys, Coventry Household Survey and participation data

Study by Suraj Rajakrishnan and Jiaqi Zhong

Relationships were compared between Coventry residents’ perception of the UK CoC 2021, their historic patterns of cultural participation and overall wellbeing, against their actual participation in events.

ticketing data and residents’ cultural participation

Study by Ku-Chun Yeh

The project compared attendance at events against the socioeconomic profiles (using Coventry Household survey data) and the interests of residents in cultural events, to show how successful the UK CoC 2021 was in reaching the general public.

Attitudes to Covid-19 and Attendance at events

Study by Muhammad Gibran

The UK CoC 2021 had to constantly respond to Government Covid-19 regulations and guidance when running its events. The project explored how people reacted to the measures taken by venues, in contrast to how vulnerable they felt to Covid-19, and evaluated how this affected their participation.


These student projects were supported by Tim Healey and Viviana Sagredo at Coventry City Council’s Insight Team, working together with Warwick Business School.