Coventry Cultural Challenge: WBS Datarian

Retaining Students in Coventry and Boosting Cultural Growth

The Coventry Cultural Challenge was a two-day event where teams were given access to the latest Coventry cultural data and asked to develop an idea/proposal that had the potential to ‘make life better in Coventry’. At the end of the weekend, each team presented their ideas to a jury of experts.

WBS Datarian aim to provide an efficient method to retain students in Coventry, in turn boosting the cultural growth and economy.

Team WBS Datarian


The WBS Datarian outlined things that Coventry is doing well in comparison with other cities:

  • aware about environment
  • low cost of living
  • high happiness rate
  • good cultural Infrastructure
  • diverse background of students

and things that could be done better:

  • increase the retention rate of students that remain in Coventry (currently ranked the fourth worst place in the United Kingdom)
  • boost the number of student friendly activities
  • attract industries to Coventry
  • implement a more start-up friendly environment
  • increase the average income
  • increase disposable income.

Team Members

Team WBS Datarian presenting to the jury (Photograph: Tim Hammerton)

It was a valuable time for me to work with well-experienced data analysts and to realise how real data is used for a better decision making in a real business.

Jonghwan Moon (LinkedIn post)

The Coventry Cultural Challenge was part of the AHRC funded Place-Based Knowledge Exchange project; organised by members of the UK City of Culture 2021 monitoring and evaluation team.

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